nanny-curar GmbH is concerned about the nannies best interest.
So far the job profile of nannies in Switzerland is very vague. Hardly any legal foundations and policies are in existence. For this reason, nanny-curae developed a model that does not only ensure an equitable implementation of the agreement, our nannies get coverage of all compulsory insurances (UVG, AHV, liability insurance). Accordingly you will obtrain our backing in case of an accident, sickness or liability proceedings.

Besides, this model proves to be highly lucrative for families due to having nanny-curae saving them a great deal of work and knowing that you will be guided with thorough individual assistance, trainings, as well as a secure juristic contractual basis.
You can count on us

Admission procedure

  • Contact us via E-Mail or Phone
  • Registration with nanny-curae GmbH
  • We will invite you to an inverview
  • Signature of the contracts - Now you are a part of the nanny-curae Team

Exchange between nannies

The professional routine of a nanny proves to be very multifaceted and rich in content

It ranges from a modern family management to the promotion of the children's individual skills an organisation of a creative daily schedule. By introducing her individual characteristics and methods of child care, nannies enrich the children's social interaction with authority figures.

Due to the profound relationship between nannies and families, the exchange with other child minders can be buried easily into oblivion. Therefore, we have created a range of communication facilities for like-minded people which prevents you from becoming a lone fighter: Along with monthly events and advanced training courses, you get the chance to easily socialize with other nannies.
Moreover, we encourage you to meet - with the permission of the parents - peers and their children during your working hours. This grants not only a variety in your job but also turns out to be inspiring and interesting for the kids.

Build up your network of nannies and count on additional support from work mates.
nanny-curae GmbH is fully supporting you


nanny-curae GmbH puts emphasis on a sound education. We expect practical and theoretical experience in the pedagogical area.

The following requirements have to be met to get employed by nanny-curae:
- Practical experience with child care
- Valid work permit and permit of residence
- Flawless extract of criminal record
- Completion of First-Aid or Babysitter course (can also be conducted within 6 months after conclusion of contract)
- Excellent skill in modern family management
- Successful graduation of a pedagogical education (expert in nursing, kindergarden teacher, play group leader, SRK nanny course etc.)

On top, we recommend our nannies to sign up every 2-3 years for the EFR (Emergency First Responder) refresher course as well as regularly participating in further trainings. In doing so an ideal child care work can be carried out.