1. Why choose a private nanny?

A private nanny is a qualified professional who brings along a pedagogical education and practical experience in the child care sector.
She is working either full- or part time at the familie's home and is free in charge of guiding the children according to her own ideas.
Depending on the circumstances, a private nanny either lives together with the family (live in) or goes home in the evening after having carried out her work (live out).

Ideally the nanny stands in a long-term employment relationship with the family responsibility in absence of the parents. A nanny is flexible, dutiful plus knows how to defer to the preferences of the parents.



2. Which form of child care do I need for my children? 

Day-care Centre

Bringing your children to day-care is one of the most common types of child care. You bring your children to the day-care centre where they will be taken care of together with even aged kids. The child care personnel are professionally qualified and premises are adjusted to the children's needs.

Child minder

The child minder is a private person who is supervising children in her own home. Usually she will have visited a course to acquire specific skills for this kind of child care.


In most cases an Au-pair is a young foreigner who lives in the same household as the family and takes care of the children together with the mum. This person normally does not boast a proper education in the nursing sector. She is only allowed to spend a certain time perios alone with the kids.

'hired grandma' german = Leihoma

A hired grandma is an elderly woman who loves working with children but who has not necessarily completed a professional education in the child care sector. Most often hired grandmas perform their work in the household of the family.


This is usually a young person who is looking after the children a short time while the parents are absent. A babysitter does not have a proper education but has ideally completed a SRK Babysitter course.




3. Which contracts is nanny-curae making us of?

Due to our unique composition of contracts, families and nannies are legally not bount to each other. nanny-cuare GmbH bears the full responsibility.

We are entering the following contracts with families and nannies:

Employment contract

This contract is being conducted in conformity with the guidlines and regulations of the GAV Personalverleih. It will be signed by the parents and nanny-curae.

Framework contract

The framework contract is based on the legal regulations of the GAV and includes settlements on minimum wage, holidays and extra hours etc. The contract can be entered at any time, though it will become effective only once the assignment contract is signed with a family.

Assignment contract

The assignment contract is being adapted to the individual claims ot the family and nanny. Part of its clauses are salary, duration, working hours etc.

Supplementary agreement

Objective of this agreement are minor matters such as receiving packages and consent on excursions etc. This contract will be signed in two parts once by the family and nanny-curae and once by the nanny and nanny-curae GmbH.



4. How to define the salary of a nanny?

When it comes to wage negotiations, it is important that the family and nanny agree on a mutual salary. Based on our experience, a bad negotiation on the wage results very often in a subsequent dismissal.

Our recommendations on wages depend on the region and canton.

GAV Personalverleih considers a 42 hours work week, the workload has to be split between two nannies. Additionally, GAV specifies that the employer (in this case nanny-curae GmbH) is obligated to disburse a 13th monthly salary which will be calculated as 8.33% of the monthly salary and paid out twice a year.

No apprenticeship From 3'000 CHF - 3'800 CHF* No federal apprenticeship existing
Without specific apprenticeship From 3'800 CHF - 4'300 CHF* Federal apprenticeship non-specific with children
With specific apprenticeship From 4'300 CHF - 4'900 CHF* Spielgruppenleitung, Nannylehrgang, etc.
With specific apprenticeship and minimum 5 years of experience From 4'900 CHF - 5'400 CHF* See upwarts and minimum 5 years of experience and/or specific continuing education
With federal specific apprenticeship From 4'900 CHF - 5'400 CHF* Fachfrau Betreuung, kindergardener, etc.
With federal specific apprenticeship and minimum 5 years of experience From 5'400 CHF* See upwarts and minimum 5 years of experience and/or continuing education

*The chart shall be unterstood in gross wage

Upon request we send you a salary calculation table.