We know exactly how you feel. As parents or as person in charge you spend the whole day with the kids. Like you know those days have nice sequences in it. But if your day is up to10 hours and you spend the whole day with the children it can be stressful.
And that is why we recommend you to meet with other adults. It is very important that you can talk with some like minded. You will see you feel much more relaxed.

But how can you match your needing with the needing of the child?

That is really easy if we tell you, that it`s also really important for your child to meet and play with same aged kids. It will help the child to improve their competence.
So if you arrange a play date with the kids or a date without them after your day. It will not just help you, it is also stimulating for the children.
We provide our families and nannies, to talk about their days and to exchange what goes through their minds.
Be a part of it.