about us

nanny-curae GmbH is a staff hiring company for private nannies, providing a broad and individual care support. In a nutshell, we employ you child minder and in our name, she is executing her work at your house. Thus, we assume all administrative tasks, support and advise you in diverse matters around the relationship of child care and relieve you in your daily life. Benefit from our efficient personal help whenever and wherever you need it.

You have the ideal nanny for your children with the attachment of great importance to a fair and transparent employment relationship with her, but at the same time, you have a busy everyday life and cannot be bothered to deal with the immense load of paper work?
This is where nanny-curae comes in. We establish a foundation for an impeccable collaboration between you and your nanny.

We are not a nanny operator but we maintain a close relationship with nanny agencies. Consequently, we are able to assist you in search of a perfect match and refer you to our partners agencies.



The well-being of families and nannies always comes first.

nanny-curae strives to facilitate your everyday life. We are eager to take the time-consuming administrative work off your shoulders such as the performance of contracts and the take out of insurances. Further we make sure to stand beside you at all times, support you with conflicts, help you find solutions with your employment relationships plus offer you a place for an exchange wiht like-minded people.

We understand that shaping and organizing the family life is a private matter - one more reason why we deeply care about cultivating a close and straightforward cooperation. Upon request, we are happy to get to know you personally and establish a good basis of trust to ensure a fruitful collaboration. Not only do we assist you with the hiring process but also accompany you beyond that point.

nanny-curae GmbH sets a hight standart for private child care in Switzerland and guarantees a smooth family-nanny relation.